Blockchain: opportunity or threat?

» Blockchain for the Food Industry

We take a look at the IBM Food Trust solution and demonstrate practical examples of traceability at work and explore how they are improving food transparency and efficiency with partners like Walmart, Dole, Kroger, and more.
Fred Lam, Retail Solutions Executive, IBM Food Trust

Actual information at ibm.com/food

» Blockchain: solution or technology?
What can blockchain bring to the industry and what does it mean for your operations and business?
Massimo Ciccioni, Director IVA & Survey Agri Chain Center Ltd (New Zealand)

» Blockchain: shared service platform as middleman? 
Smart Contracts is one of the opportunities blockchain brings to the market.
Barry Shalley, Co-founder, Reterms (Singapore) 

» No common data standards; no blockchain!
For blockchain to work, like any other supply chain system, it's essential to agree on which data-fields and definition standards will be used, common business rules and agreed processes.
Marcel Siera , Head of Customer Engagement & Business Development, GS1 Australia (Australia) 

» Impact of disruptive technology on your company
Technologies like blockchain are disruptive for a lot of industries. But what will the impact be for companies in the fresh supply chain.

Dirk-Jan Kennes, Global Strategist Farm Inputs, Rabobank


Robotics for Horti: Horti for Robotics

» Challenges in building robots for horticulture
Building a robot for greenhouse crops looks easy. Do's and don'ts in this environment.
Prof. Josse de Baerdemaeker, Division of Mechatronics, Biostatistics and Sensors, University of Leuven (Belgium)

» Strawberries: let's pick it! 
Octinion is one of the startup companies working on one of the first robots for picking strawberries. How far has this develoment come?
Tom Coen, CEO, Otinion BVBA (Belgium) 

» Tomato picking: disrupting the cultivation
Panasonic unveiled this autonomous tomato picker in Tokyo at the end of 2017. But is this robot ready for disrupting the cultivation? And if not:  what more is needed to get there?
Ryo Toshima, Staff Engineer, Panasonic Corporation (Japan) 

» Robots for fruit & vegetables: what's next? 
The Australian Centre for Field Robotics has been developing robotics and data analytic tools for agriculture. But how far developed are these robots and when will they be market-ready?
Prof. Salah Sukkarieh, Professor of Robotics and Intelligent Systems, University of Sydney/Australian Centre for Field Robotics (Australia)

INTERVIEW Salah Sukkarieh


Digital growing in a digital suypply chain

» Growing on the fly
Can data analytics be used for plantation management? 
Tark Bartlema, CEO Eaglesensing

» Farming in the digital world 
Digital developments are changing our world. For the agriculture industry, this means that enabling an integrated, sustainable ecosystem- one that connects all information and companies across the food value chain- is more important than ever before. 
Jan Brouwer, Business Group lead Dynamics& Spokesperson Agriculture & Food, Microsoft 

» Scanning for consumer trust and brand protection
Every person in the world should be able to know if the products they use are genuine or not. 
Tobias KArs, VP Product Management, Scantrust 

» Together we can farm smarter: using data and state-of-the-art technologies to fuel Growth on small- and medium-size farms 
Smart Yields connects farmers, agricultural researchers and their communities through crowd-sourced data gathered from a network of integrated sensors that measure everything from soil health to inputs such as water, energie and nutrients in real time. 
Mitch Grosky, Founder, SMART YIELDS

» What's a product without it's data? 
Data from farm to fork is more and more essential for a trustly and reliable supply chain. CropTracer is an example on how datamanagement from farm to checkout can be managed.
Bart Beemsterboer, CropTracer 


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